Bill Jones


A popular National Geographic Expert, Bill Jones has been traveling throughout Southeast Asia and the Himalayas since the 1980’s, pioneering train and air expeditions in the years when some of the countries were just beginning to develop their infrastructures. His knowledge of local history and firsthand experience of the contrasts between the tribulations of some countries and the prosperity of others gives him a unique understanding of the region. His studies of Buddhism give him a profound insight into the heartbeat of several of the cultures of Southeast Asia. Through his links with the World Monuments Fund, he has followed the restoration of a number of ancient sites in Thailand, Cambodia, and Laos. He has lead special interest groups from the California Academy of Sciences, the Metropolitan Museum of New York, the Royal Academy of London, and the World Presidents Organization. Bill’s commentaries during visits to monuments and his pre-dinner talks are entertaining and informative and have been greatly appreciated by National Geographic travelers.