Christiana Botic

Photographer, Filmmaker

Christiana Botic is a documentary photographer and filmmaker who seeks to understand how the movement of people impacts cultural landscapes. She believes that stories are essential to the human experience and hopes to build empathy and understanding through her photography. Her father, an immigrant from Yugoslavia, raised her on stories of his own upbringing along the Danube, which rooted in her a passion for storytelling that is deeply connected to the region. As a National Geographic-Fulbright Storytelling Fellow, she explored the intersection of identity and geography in Serbia and Croatia -- documenting the refugee crisis, lesser-known ethnic minorities in the region, and her own family's history of migration throughout former Yugoslavia. She has produced several stories for the National Geographic Society Newsroom and has spoken at the National Geographic Museum in Washington D.C. As a Masters Candidate in Visual Communication at Ohio University, she is again choosing to turn her lens to the Balkans. She is currently working on a photographic thesis project that explores the lives of multi-ethnic youth in Kosovo.