Franklin Knight


Historian Franklin Knight is the Leonard and Helen R. Stulman Professor Emeritus of History and Academy Professor at Johns Hopkins University, where he taught Iberian, Latin American, and Caribbean history. He first visited Spain and Portugal more than 50 years ago, and has been returning ever since. His academic research, lecturing, and service on doctoral committees have brought him to universities in Madeira, Andalucía, Sevilla, Valencia, Huelva, La Rábida, and Santiago de Compostela. He has also led groups on educational journeys to Portugal and Spain, as well as Cuba and elsewhere in the Caribbean and Latin America. Franklin’s research interests focus on social, political, and cultural aspects of Latin America and the Caribbean, especially after the 18th century, as well as on American slave systems in their comparative dimensions. His analyses of Latin American and Caribbean issues have been aired on National Public Radio, the Voice of America, the British Broadcasting Corporation, the McNeill/Lehrer Report, C-Span, and elsewhere. Franklin has held fellowships from the Social Science Research Council, the National Endowment for the Humanities, the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences, the Ford Foundation, and the National Humanities Center. A past president of both the Historical Society and the Latin American Studies Association, Franklin served as academic consultant to the television series Columbus and the Age of Discovery, The Buried Mirror, Americas, Plagued: Invisible Armies, Crucible of Empire, and The Louisiana Purchase. He was elected Corresponding Member of the Cuban Academy of History in 2012.