Gwyneth Talley

Anthropologist, Educator

Gwyneth Talley is a Canadian-American visual anthropologist and educator, specializing in equestrian cultures around the world. She teaches in the School of Integrated Studies at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. As a National Geographic Grantee, she conducted fieldwork with women horseback riders in Morocco, looking at how they navigate their way in the male dominated field of horseback riding. As an avid student and scholar of all things horse-related, Gwyneth weaves anthropology, history, and archaeology spanning from Scotland, to Morocco, to Oman and to Mongolia connecting the dots between horse domestication, cavalry advancements, to equestrian festivals and rodeos in North America. She has previously led a National Geographic Student Expedition to Morocco. Drawing on her expertise in historical and cultural anthropology, she will offer unique insights into the places we visit, and cultures encountered along the way.