Holly Wissler

Anthropologist, Ethnomusicologist

Holly Wissler is an applied ethnomusicologist, Fulbright Scholar and educator living and working in Cusco, Peru. Her doctoral research focused on the musical rituals of the indigenous Quechua group of Q’eros in the southern Peruvian Andes. Holly currently works on various field projects with the Q’eros and the near-extinct Wachiperi of the Amazonian Harakbut linguistic group. She lectures regularly for National Geographic and various U.S. university study abroad programs in Peru, and she has produced two documentaries about her work in the country. She was principal author of the petition to UNESCO that the Q’eros’ songs be included on the Intangible Cultural Heritage list. Holly is also a classical flutist and adept at numerous Andean instruments, and she has led adventure-oriented expeditions in Peru and Nepal for the past 30 years.