Based in French Polynesia and Portland, Oregon, Josh Humbert specializes in photographing marine environments and focuses his work on images that tell a deeper story for conservation. In 2014, Josh documented a digital story for National Geographic about the conservation thread surrounding Tahitian pearl farming. Having arrived there at the age of two, he is deeply connected to Tahitian culture and custom and has been involved in pearl farming for over 25 years through his own family's pearl farm in the northern Tuamotus. Humbert’s professional career began by shooting photos swimming amid the surfing waves of Tahiti. Josh’s love for and ease in the water infuses his work, and his ability to get close to fish on breath-hold allows him to capture unique angles and content. Humbert is also a current world record holder spearfisherman. Josh’s images are represented by the National Geographic Image Collection and have appeared in numerous magazines and books worldwide. Humbert additionally provides work for conservation NGOs and civil engineering firms across the Pacific Northwest in Oregon and Washington.