Koketso Mookodi


Koketso (Koki) Seipleleng Mookodi is a conservationist, Education and community Facilitator, who has drawn on her background in tourism management to establish a successful conservation education program in the Okavango Delta.

A National Geographic Explorer, Koki is the founder of the EDUCATORS EXPEDITION, a project aimed at "sensitizing educators of Ngamiland to the natural and cultural heritage of the Okavango Delta through science, research, and indigenous knowledge, enabling them to integrate their experience with nature into their academic routines/curriculums to accomplish an improvement in overall academic results."

Born in Botswana’s capital, Gaborone, Koki works to educate and empower local communities through education and facilitating in bridging the Knowledge gap between community and the academic research that is conducted in their landscapes, thus equipping them to protect wildlife, their environment, and livelihoods. Koki currently serves as Managing Director and Trustee for the Botswana Wild Bird Trust.