Magen O'Farrell


Magen O'Farrell is an American archaeologist who has lived and worked in France for the past 30 years. When she first arrived in the Dordogne region to participate in the excavation of a Paleolithic cave site, she knew very little about prehistory or the famous Lascaux Cave, which she had the immense privilege of visiting on her first day. The experience changed her life and inspired her to study archaeology. She earned a B.A. and the Faculty Memorial Award at New York University, and continued at the University of Pennsylvania with a National Science Foundation Graduate Student Fellowship. She finished with a degree from the Université de Bordeaux I in France. She is now affiliated with the PACEA research laboratory in France, and runs her own company, Archeocom, devoted to education, communication and public outreach in archaeology. Her research interests include the origins of modern humans, prehistoric art and technology , and the complex relationships between these aspects of prehistoric life. Magen has participated in numerous excavations and research programs in France, Italy, Austria, Germany, Australia and the USA. She has authored many scientific publications and collaborates in the realization of exhibits and educational programs for children and adults.