National Geographic photographer Matt Moyer has traveled the globe photographing many of the world's most amazing cultures and places. He is known for his in-depth and intimate storytelling and believes the best way to explore the world is with a camera. Matt has photographed multiple stories for National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler magazines, including his story on Namibia’s Brandberg mountain recently published in the December 2016 issue of National Geographic Traveler. Matt also covered the conflict in Iraq for National Geographic as well as for The New York Times. His photography has been recognized for numerous international awards and appeared in several books including The Best of Photojournalism series, Report From Ground Zero, and Witness to War. His work has also been featured in numerous exhibits around the world. Matt is a passionate teacher, who is devoted to passing on his insights and love of photography to others. He regularly teaches for National Geographic Photo Camps, a program that uses photography to help young adults and children in underserved communities around the world to develop their own voices and tell their stories. Matt has enjoyed photographing in Mexico, including during an epic six-week drive from the United States to Guatemala and back. He is excited to return to Oaxaca and looks forward to helping you see and capture this vibrant country through the lens of your camera.