Robin Moore

Naturalist, Photographer

Robin Moore is a photographer and naturalist with awards from Nature's Best, American Photo, National Geographic Traveler, and Wildlife Photographer of the Year. His images are displayed in the National Geographic Fine Art Galleries and have appeared in the pages of publications that include National Geographic magazine, National Geographic books, the New York Times, Newsweek, and TIME. His images are represented by National Geographic Creative. Robin is also a passionate naturalist with a doctorate in conservation and a Senior Fellow of the prestigious International League of Conservation Photographers. He regularly teaching photography and video to National Geographic Grantees during "Sciencetelling Bootcamps," and in 2012 founded Frame of Mind to connect youth in Haiti with their natural and cultural worlds through photography and visual storytelling. Robin has published a critically acclaimed book, In Search of Lost Frogs, and spearheaded innovative initiatives to advance conservation, including a recent and successful campaign to save a Protected Area in Jamaica. Robin's work has taken him to dozens of countries throughout Africa, Asia and North, Central and South America, and he regularly returns on assignments to the Caribbean.