Robin Vose


Robin Vose trained in History and Middle East Studies at McGill University and the University of Toronto before receiving his Ph.D. from the Medieval Institute at the University of Notre Dame. He is presently professor of history at St. Thomas University in Canada. A specialist on medieval Spain and the Mediterranean region, Robin has published many articles on historical interreligious conflicts, as well as his book Dominicans, Muslims, and Jews in the Medieval Crown of Aragon. He is currently working on studies of the Inquisition and its treatment of Jews, Muslims, and Indigenous peoples as well as a new book entitled The Index of Prohibited Books: Four Centuries of Struggle over Word and Image for the Greater Glory of God. Robin has lived and travelled extensively throughout Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Japan. He is fluent in French and Spanish, can read Latin, Italian, Portuguese, and Catalan, and has a working knowledge of Arabic and Hebrew.