Scott Wilbor, M.S., is an ecologist/explorer and remote sensing analyst working under contract for National Geographic Labs and as a biodiversity conservationist in Arizona. Scott brings a 20-year history of working in the Southwest as a conservation biologist, researcher, practitioner, coordinator, and director, as well as 14 years of experience as a wildlife and fisheries biologist in Alaska, spanning from Southeast Alaska to the Arctic.

Scott initiated and coordinated Audubon’s Important Bird Areas Program in Arizona for 11 years, building partnerships with nine Audubon chapters, multiple federal and state agencies, bi-national collaborations with Mexican biologists, and participation with many individual landowners, including Arizona Senator John McCain.

Scott’s science expertise is in “big picture” ecosystem conservation planning, landscape ecology, climate adaptation, biodiversity conservation, river & riparian systems, and wildlife inventory & monitoring. He focuses his conservation efforts on community and volunteer-based collaborative conservation and field studies engagement with local communities and traditional and non-traditional stakeholders of natural resources, such as with ranchers, farmers, and nature-focused landowners in the Southwest, and previously with indigenous peoples in Alaska.

Scott employs his geographic spatial analysis skills for the Nat Geo Geographic Visualization Lab, contributing to Nat Geo’s Vital Signs of the Planet and with local NGOs in the Southwest for conservation purposes, such as for the wild undammed San Pedro River and its threatened biodiversity.

Over his extensive time in the West, he has explored the major rivers and canyon country of the Southwest and Mexico, including the Colorado, Gila, Green, San Juan, San Pedro, Santa Cruz, and Sonora Rivers. In Alaska, his explorations and field studies have included the rivers of Denali National Park, Buskin, Copper, Chandler, Gakona, Gulkana, Porcupine, and Sagavanirktok Rivers of Interior, Coastal/Delta, and Arctic Alaska. Through these explorations and studies, he has developed expertise in riverine/riparian/wildlife ecology, notably with fish, mammals, and especially birds; and is passionate about sharing this knowledge with people of all ages and backgrounds.