Tierney Thys

Marine Biologist, Biologist, Educator, Filmmaker

Biologist and award-winning documentary filmmaker Tierney Thys is a National Geographic Explorer and Research Associate at the California Academy of Sciences. She has traveled to every continent and visited more than 60 countries. She is an expert on giant ocean sunfishes and the Daily Explorer in National Geographic's Animal Jam, an online world boasting 70 million registered players in 120 countries and five languages. Tierney has received numerous grants from the Society, has active marine study sites in Indonesia and Galapagos and has developed student expeditions in Monterey, Belize and Bali. Additional research activities include investigating how nature imagery influences brain activity and the effects of nature on incarcerated populations. Tierney is a TED All-Star speaker and passionate about sharing the wonders of the world and promoting global stewardship.