Todd Gipstein


Todd Gipstein has been a photographer, writer, producer and lecturer for more than 40 years. He has worked with National Geographic since 1987. For many years, he was the Society’s Director of Multi-Image and Executive Producer for Multimedia. His award-winning documentaries for the Geographic have dealt with a diverse range of topics, including photography, nature, the environment, history, exploration, travel, and National Geographic itself. His work is known worldwide for its evocative storytelling, and has covered places in the United States; Canada; Europe; the Mediterranean, Adriatic, and Baltic Seas; Asia; South America; New Zealand; the South Pacific; and Antarctica and the Arctic. Todd’s images have been published in National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler magazines and in many books. He also continues to take photographs for the Nat Geo Creative image library. Todd’s work has been exhibited internationally, and he frequently participates in photography and media festivals in Europe. An enthusiastic traveler and teacher, he has lectured, presented his documentaries, and given photography workshops for the Geographic around the world.