Trevor Frost is a photographer and filmmaker whose work focuses on the human relationship with wildlife and wild places. Trevor has always had an adventurous spirit—he has crisscrossed Alaska and northern British Columbia in bush planes, followed the Serengeti migration, researched indigenous navigation in Polynesian culture in Micronesia, swum with humpback whales in Tonga, and embarked on numerous projects around the globe. He has received grants from National Geographic for work ranging from mapping and photographing caves in Central Africa to documenting saltwater crocodiles in Northern Australia using specially designed remote cameras. Frost is particularly interested in telling stories that illuminate the intelligence of animals, and he shot his first feature story as a photographer for National Geographic magazine on gelada monkeys in the highlands of Ethiopia. Trevor has won various awards, including with Pictures of the Year International, and has images featured in National Geographic, The Washington Post, and Wired, among other publications. His film credits include half dozen television documentaries, as well as Person of the Forest, a documentary short about the unique cultural behaviors of wild orangutans in the rainforests of Borneo. Trevor also works with non-profit organizations that support global conservation projects, including Focused on Nature and Global Wildlife Conservation.