Yuval Ben-Ami

Educator, Author

Author, journalist, and cultural critic Yuval Ben-Ami writes for the Hebrew edition of National Geographic magazine and has published a monthly column in the Hebrew edition of National Geographic Traveler. Born in Jerusalem, Yuval later moved to the United States and began writing for Israeli and international publications, among them Haaretz and the Boston Globe. His books include Susanna, Don’t You Cry—a travelogue of the American South—and two travel books about Israel: Wonderland and A Day on the Town. Yuval's work in conflict resolution began in 2000 at Jerusalem's Youth Center of World Cultures, where he introduced Jewish high school students to Palestinian culture. He currently leads cultural travel experiences, bringing individuals into areas they would not normally visit: Israelis into Hebron, Palestinians to Tel-Aviv, secular Jews to Meah Shearim, and so on, creating unique encounters.