Covering the Globe: Travels with National Geographic Editor in Chief Susan Goldberg

As editor in chief of National Geographic magazine, Susan Goldberg shares the world’s most compelling stories with millions of readers from across the globe. In May 2020, she’ll be joining travelers as host of our new The Future of Everything: Exploring Global Innovation by Private Jet expedition, run in partnership with The Wall Street Journal. Here, she reflects on the value of discovering the stories of our world firsthand, through the eyes of the experts and reporters who experience them.

Tell us about The Future of Everything: Exploring Global Innovation by Private Jet. Why should someone take this trip?

For 130 years at National Geographic, we’ve covered scientific innovation and human cultures. In the magazine, we often explore cutting-edge topics—the future of medicine, the future of cities. These core National Geographic themes will be brought to life on this trip. As you travel, you'll get to directly experience what’s going on in these areas, and to literally see the changes that are taking place in different parts of the world, from China to Finland. I think that if your purpose in traveling is to learn and be inspired, you'd want to go on this trip.

What will The Wall Street Journal add to this trip?

The Wall Street Journal is a highly respected newspaper, and it counts among its ranks some of the most knowledgeable and experienced journalists in the world. These journalists specialize in all of the subjects that we’ll be looking at on the trip—economics, telecommunications, transportation, medicine, and more. I think there’s nothing better than to travel with and learn from such brilliant individuals, who are on the ground and steeped in the latest news and developments in these diverse areas.

We’ll meet National Geographic writers, photographers, and explorers along the way, too. What will they contribute?

Our National Geographic experts are extremely well versed in the past and the future of each of the places we travel to. At every stop, whether it's South Korea or Uzbekistan, we have experts who can speak to a range of subjects—medicine, the environment, energy—the stories National Geographic covers every single day.

The other thing we'll do, given our strong background in visual journalism, is help you see places in new and different ways. If you’re not literally looking through our photographer’s viewfinder, our experts will guide you to fresh perspectives.

Speaking of photographers, the great David Guttenfelder will be joining this trip on its entirety.

One of our very best photographers! David is a total mensch, a world traveler, and a gentle, kind soul. And the thing I love about him is that, despite his remarkable skills and the countless accolades, he still uses his phone to take pictures. He’s not always toting some multi-thousand-dollar camera with enormous lenses; he's using the same device that all of us carry in our pockets or our bags every single day.

What would you tell someone who’s debating whether or not to join this trip?

I would tell them to come! It’s a fantastic itinerary, we have some amazing experts, and I can guarantee that there will be equally amazing people traveling alongside you. This is truly the trip of lifetime, where you will make memories of a lifetime—you definitely want to be there!

Is there anything you’d like to share about the private jet experience?

When you go on these trips, it’s like skimming over the surface of the Earth—you can almost feel how round it is. And the thing about traveling is that, the more you travel, the more you want to travel. Private jet trips are the kind that will likely cross a lot of places off your bucket list, but they’ll add a lot more to the list too. And that’s a great thing!

Join Susan Goldberg to explore the future of “everything” on a 2020 private jet trip with National Geographic Expeditions.