Your Journey Is Almost Here!

National Geographic has tons of ideas to get your entire family excited for your upcoming trip. Check out these activities and tips on storytelling, exploration, conservation, and culture so you can make the most of your family adventure.

Tell Some Stories

This journey is sure to provide your family with some amazing sights and experiences. Prepare everyone to capture them all so you can relive memories and tell the story of your adventure to others. Get started with the Nat Geo Kids My Shot Photography Guide mini-book, with a selection of pages put together just for Family Journeys travelers. It’s packed with kid-friendly basics of composition, shutter speed, depth of field, and lighting; you can also check out these DIY videos. National Geographic also has tons of tips and tricks on everything from taking underwater photos to pictures of animals. Don’t forget the family selfie! Here’s how to take an awesome one, as explained by a real Nat Geo photographer.


Nothing helps inspire kids to become explorers like travel. Get your kids ready for your trip with this fun personality quiz to find out what type of explorer they are, then have them watch real Nat Geo scientists and explorers in action. Generate some excitement about all the exploring your family will be doing with these activities that will get kids engaged with the outdoors; they can even build this easy telescope for some hands-on exploration, at home or abroad. Don’t forget to download the Nat Geo Kids Travel Journal, packed with fun activities to help your explorers make the most of your travel experience.


Understatement of the century: Kids love animals. And the more they love them, the more they want to protect them and their habitats. Luckily your journey will give the family plenty of exposure to wildlife, so start thinking about these teachable moments that will help your kids respect all kinds of animals (yep, even bugs) and get excited about nature. This beginner’s guide to birding will add another angle—up!—to your adventure. Want to come armed with even more tips about protecting the habitat you’re visiting? Check out 52 easy ideas for protecting the planet, whether you have a family of pollution preventers, habitat heroes, biodiversity champions, or climate change warriors.


If you’re worried that mentioning “culture” and “vacation” in the same sentence will only inspire eyerolls in your kids, worry no more. Travel is an excellent way to introduce kids about ways of life that might be different from their own. Before your journey, start introducing culture no matter where you are (even on a pre-trip layover destination), from learning a few foreign phrases to trying local dishes. (Tickle their taste buds with a couple of easy, internationally inspired recipes.) On your way to the airport, try these road trip boredom busters that will get kids thinking about other people’s perspectives, then adapt them during downtime on the rest of your adventure. The result of appreciating other cultures? Kids who want to make the world better—whether through kindness, art, or activism. Bring along some of those easy ideas for inspiration during your trip.