Family Journeys FAQ

Frequently asked questions about National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures

What is the minimum age for children?

National Geographic Family Journeys welcomes families traveling with children between the ages of 7 and 17. Your family must include a child in order to book, and anyone under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

What if my children are adults (over 18?)

All Family Journeys groups must include at least one traveler under the age of 18. If your children are 18 or older, we invite you to explore our extensive collection of National Geographic Journeys with G Adventures trips for adults.

Is there special pricing available for children traveling?

Child rates apply to guests between the ages of 7 and 12. These rates can be found on our website in the Price & Dates section of the trip overview page.

What ages are best for your trips?

While the minimum age on all Family Journeys is 7 years old, these trips have been designed to appeal to families of all ages. Please contact a Family Trip Specialist if you have questions about age recommendations for specific trips.

What's included in the cost of the trip?

Please refer to each itinerary page for the inclusions for that particular trip. Included in your Family Journey are accommodations, arrival transfer, transportation for scheduled activities, breakfast daily, some lunches and dinners, snacks, water, and scheduled activities, as well as the services of two CEOs (Chief Experience Officers). Airfare to and from destination, travel insurance, gratuities, and any optional excursions or meals not listed on the itinerary are not included.

Is every trip guaranteed to run?

Yes, all National Geographic Family Journeys with G Adventures departures are guaranteed to run-even with just 2 travelers! Once you book, you're going.

Could the price increase after I have booked?

No, once you have put down your Lifetime Depositâ„¢ per person, your price is guaranteed.

How large are the groups?

We believe that smaller groups allow for more spontaneity and bonding. That's why Family Journeys have no more than 20 guests on each departure. You'll get to know families from all over the world, connect, and have fun while enjoying the benefits of small group travel.

Are only parents and children allowed on Family Journeys?

We welcome parents and kids, aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews, grandparents and grandkids, and everyone in between. As long as your group includes a traveler between the ages of 7 and 17, you can book a Family Journey.

How many leaders are there for each group?

Each group is led by two Chief Experience Officers (CEOs) who are specially trained to engage with young travelers.

What qualifications do CEOs on Family Journeys have?

In addition to the extensive training all our CEOs receive, Family Journeys CEOs have additional children-specific training and support from National Geographic. These dynamic individuals have been selected for their enthusiasm, passion, and desire to show families the world.

What kind of medical care is available?

Every Family Journeys CEO is trained in First Aid and CPR. We also have on-the-ground teams in each destination who can assist with any issues that may arise while you and your family are traveling.

Will my children need a passport and/or visa to travel?

For international travel, U.S. citizens (including children) need a passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the completion of the trip. Visas are required for certain destinations. Please check the trip itinerary page or contact your Family Travel Specialist for more details. Please note that some destinations require notarized documents for children traveling with/without parents internationally.

Do I need to arrange travel insurance?

Yes, travel insurance is mandatory for every traveler. Your Family Trip Specialist or travel agent can assist you with purchasing this prior to departure.

What vaccinations will we need?

Vaccination requirements depend on the destination you're traveling to. Please consult with your family physician or ask your Family Trip Specialist or Travel Agent for more information.

Where can I find the packing list?

You can find the packing list within the trip details on each itinerary page.

How much free time do these trips include?

Although some scheduled free time is included on all Family Journeys, most days are planned with activities for everyone in the family. Please refer to the individual trip itinerary page for more details.

Do the CEOs provide childcare?

While our CEOs love interacting with kids, they are not responsible for childcare during the trip.

Can we opt out of activities?

While we encourage everyone to take part in the included activities, we recognize that sometimes you-or your kids-need a break! Your CEOs can provide alternatives and help you meet back up with the group later.

How long are the drive times?

Drive times for each day are listed in the trip details. We have designed these trips to incorporate shorter drive times wherever possible with frequent stops.

What are the hotel rooms like?

Each hotel has been selected to reflect the character of the destination and to be suitable for families. You can expect at least two beds in each room, with options for triple and quad rooms based on availability. We've selected hotels with family-friendly amenities like swimming pools wherever possible. Ask your Family Travel Specialist for more details.

What about rooming configurations?

All rooms are based on double occupancy. However, we know families come in all shapes and sizes, so other rooming configurations may be available upon request.

My child is a picky eater. Will there be special meals for kids?

We've taken great care to ensure that there are meal options for everyone, including opportunities to try the local cuisine as well as familiar favorites for kids.

Are there vegetarian options or gluten free options?

Yes. Some countries offer more variety than others, but there are options everywhere. It's best to let your Family Trip Specialist know in advance so they can let your Chief Experience Officers (CEOs) know.

How much should we budget for independent meals and optional activities?

Each itinerary includes suggested amounts to budget for independent meals. On the trip details, you can see pricing for optional activities, or you can check with your Family Trip Specialist directly.

How do you handle allergies?

Please inform your Family Trip Specialist as soon as possible of any allergies any member of your family has. They will let our CEOs on the ground know, and the CEOs will assist your family member in destination.

Is the water safe to drink during the trip?

Safe drinking water will be provided on each trip. In certain destinations where it is advised to not use tap water for teeth-brushing, your CEOs will be sure to let you know.