Young travelers on all our Alaska and Galápagos expeditions can participate in the National Geographic Global Explorers program. Developed with National Geographic Education, this hands-on, interactive program teaches kids how to develop the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of an explorer and offers all kinds of fun activities—like learning about glaciers by making ice cream sundaes, or developing observation skills by recording wildlife sightings and natural phenomenon in a field notebook. Our certified field educators are trained to optimize the myriad learning opportunities found in Alaska and the Galápagos. Kids and teens will hone their observation skills and learn to capture and share their experiences through photographs, videos, maps, drawings, and more. With a range of activities to choose from—in the field and on board—our flexible program encourages young travelers to explore their own interests, whether it’s marine biology or photography.

Guests under 18 (and their families) are invited to:

Learn from National Geographic-certified field educators: An exciting new addition to our expedition team is a specially trained naturalist who will be aboard each voyage to optimize daily learning opportunities for kids. Connect with nature: Kids will disconnect from tech and have direct contact with wildlife and wonders on land and at sea. With no screens to intervene they’ll have more chances to form bonds with their peers on the voyage, too.

Become a storyteller: Through photos, videos, music, poetry, drawing, and more, kids will be encouraged to think outside the box and use their creativity to tell stories about the unique things they’ll do and see along the way.

Develop their observation skills: Daily activities in the field will prompt kids to watch out for a particular species or natural phenomenon, like an animal with wings or a glacier, then record their observations in their Field Notebook.

Have fun! They’ll have the opportunity to earn a Zodiac “driver’s license,” spot bald eagles and humpback whales, paddleboard or kayak with newfound friends, and develop lifelong memories.

Fun and Flexiblity for all ages

The National Geographic Global Explorers’ bulletin board is our onboard headquarters for daily activities and challenges, and kids can choose what they’d like to participate in each day. Schedules and activities both on and off the ship are designed with families in mind: enjoy kid-friendly menus, movie night with pizza, a choice of hikes, and more.