Dinosaurs of the Sahara
Dinosaur collage
In fall 1997, paleontologist Paul Sereno from the University of Chicago, led an expedition to explore a remote part of the Sahara, Niger’s Ténéré Desert. Fossils from this area provide evidence of the plants and animals that thrived in Africa a hundred million years ago. Sereno’s team scoured the desert in temperatures that reached 120°F (48.8°C) and unearthed 25 tons of bone—including the remains of a new long-snouted, big-clawed, fish-eating dinosaur they named Suchomimus, the “crocodile mimic.”

A Suchomimus model was on display through November 29, 1998, at Explorers Hall. Beginning December 10, it can be seen at Chicago Children’s Museum. Couldn’t make it to D.C. to see the model and fossils of this exciting new discovery? View our photo gallery (right).

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