• A picture of Spinosaurus aegyptiacus.

    First Known Swimming Dinosaur

    Spinosaurus Could Move From Land to Water

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Expeditions Council Projects

  • Photo: A diver in an underwater cave

    Blue Holes Project

    National Geographic Emerging Explorer Kenny Broad and a team of divers aren't afraid to go far underground to explore the Bahamas' underwater caves and aquifers.

  • Photo: Snow leopard at night

    Snow Leopards

    The elusive Central Asian snow leopard steps into a risk-filled future.

  • Photo: Mike Fay in the Redwood forest

    Redwood Transect

    On a yearlong, 700-mile (1,125-kilometer) hike through California's redwood forests, Michael Fay collected data and documented the state of the forest, helping to call attention to this one-of-a-kind ecosystem.

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