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The Kalpa Group: Supporting Seracini Since 1999

The association between Mauricio Seracini/Editech and Loel Guinness/Kalpa in the field of diagnostic studies started in 1999 and continues today. Their first project was the quest to locate Leonardo's lost “Battle of Anghiari.” The project was devised as a dual-purpose endeavor, the first objective being to re-create the Hall of the 500 and adjacent rooms in the Palazzo Vecchio as these existed in 1503, the date the battle scene was conceived by Leonardo. The goal of doing so was to identify the location of the “Battle of Anghiari,” the project’s second objective. Technologies used included thermal imagery, laser scanning, and geo-radar. In addition, a significant study of Renaissance archives, records, letters, and other material was launched with the purpose of gathering information on the location and the character of the “Battle of Anghiari.”

Both these objectives were met, and the gap that separates the Leonardo wall and the Vasari wall was successfully identified in 2008. It is in this location that the 2011 research took place.

The second project Seracini/Guinness undertook was a diagnostic study of the “Adoration of the Magi” in 2004. The results revealed a spectacular underdrawing and controversial facts on the nature of the painting. Soon after, they completed a study of Leonardo's “Annunciation.”

During the lengthy course of these projects, the field of architectural and artistic diagnostic studies, particularly on Leonardo masterpieces, attained international acclaim. These discoveries generated significant print and video media coverage, a documentary on the U.K.'s Channel 4, a segment on the television program 60 Minutes, and, more recently, National Geographic’s Finding the Lost da Vinci. The Kalpa Group remains, to date, the “crown sponsor” of the “Battle of Anghiari.”

Today, Seracini/Guinness are planning the diagnostic study of yet another masterpiece.

Protecting the Vasari

  • Photo: Vasari mural

    Behind the Vasari

    Restorers find existing gaps in the Vasari mural that can be used to search for "The Battle of Anghiari."

Behind the Science

  • Photo: HIPerSpace wall

    Visualizing Data

    The team gathers visible, LIDAR, and radar data and now must place them in a virtual environment.

  • Photo: Endoscope

    Extraction Operation

    Incision instruments, sampling tools, and methods for the sample extraction were designed for this project.

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