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During our 2017 Explorers Festival, we're highlighting the most fascinating and innovative scientists, conservationists, explorers, and storytellers to share—with one another, and with the world—how their discoveries and ideas are creating change for the better.

Watch a livestream of the inaugural festival here and see the schedule of today’s inspiring events below.

Saturday, June 17

Red Planet vs. Blue Planet: Where Do We Explore Next? | 9:30 AM - 3:30 PM: Explore this thought-provoking question with some of the world’s best explorers and storytellers as they talk about the future of exploration on this planet and across the galaxy. Our host for the day, the entertaining environmental anthropologist and Nat Geo 2011 Explorer of the Year Kenny Broad, will take you on a journey from the surface of Mars to the depths of the ocean as we learn from the best and brightest in exploration. This daylong session will include the following conversations:

Leaving Terra Firma: Since ancient times, humans have been driven to leave the security of land behind. Join ocean and space experts as they take part in a lively discussion about the risks and rewards of pushing the limits of our human boundaries. Speakers: Bob Ballard, Bethany Elhman, Colonel Chris Hadfield, and Stephen Petranek. Moderated by Joel Achenbach, Author and Staff Writer at The Washington Post.

A New Human Tide: Technological breakthroughs are making long-term colonization of both Mars and the ocean real possibilities. This fascinating conversation will reveal what it would take for humans to survive the transition and make it a lasting success. Speakers: Constance Adams, Alan Leonardi, Joe Quirk, and Lucianne Walkowicz. Moderated by Nadia Drake, Science Journalist.

No Place Like Home: Experts shine a light on some of the breakthrough discoveries and surprising insights that are giving us a whole new perspective on just staying home. Speakers: Sylvia Earle, Kevin Hand, and Jane Root. Moderated by Ira Flatow, Radio and Television Journalist.