6 boredom busters for winter

Cold temps can turn some families into couch potatoes. But not your family! These activities will keep kids active and keep their brains from melting. Plus they’ll pick up important life skills without even knowing it. Check out these winter boredom busters from Nat Geo Family.


Make each other laugh

Humor is an important social skill and a great way to pass the time. Play this interactive game together to see who’s the best jokester, then rate each riddle. Or stretch your kids’ silly muscles while teaching them about grammar with these word games. Keep the laughs going by imitating the antics in these funny animal videos.

Increase empathy

Winter is cozy when you live in a warm house, but how do animals handle the cold? Check out amazing animal photos and ask your kids to think about how each critter deals with the snow. Then have them do this science experiment from Try This! Extreme to experience what it’s like to be a whale swimming through freezing Arctic waters.

Teach healthy habits

Cooking together shows kids how to make healthy choices and might halt those picky eating habits. It can even inspire creativity as they come up with fun additions and swap-outs to recipes. Try this Snow-Day Soup recipe from the Nat Geo Kids Cookbook to fill those winter indoor hours.