6 ideas for busting winter boredom

Are cold temperatures and snowy weather making your family a little stir-crazy? Make the most out of winter for your kids with some creative ways to have fun. Check out these ideas from Nat Geo Kids.

Share this Weird But True fact with your children, then go outside to see who can make the most snow angels in five minutes. (No snow? Try “carpet angels” instead!) Back inside warm them up with more wintry fun facts about snow, cold weather, and more. (Read more Weird But True facts about winter)

Play a game in which everyone guesses which cold-weather animal someone is imitating. For inspiration, watch these adorable videos of hopping penguins or rolling polar bears.

Backyard animals might be scarce during the winter, so now’s a great time for children to remember nature by starting an animal life list. Sit them by a window and have them write down every animal they see, then every animal they would see in the spring, summer, and fall. Help them out with these cute photos of brr-worthy animals.

Extend your child’s list beyond the backyard to include animals they’ve seen at zoos, aquariums, or in the wild. Then inspire creativity with printable coloring pages. These realistic outlines of swimming dolphins, roaring lions, and more will let kids’ artistic side go wild.

Prepare some tummy-warming snow day snacks with the family, like dinosaur kale chips or tasty marshmallow snowmen. While you wait for the kale chips to bake, bring out your kids’ inner musicians by making up a fun new tune. Gather pots, pans, utensils, and other items from around the house (you can even make music with fruits and veggies!) and let everyone choose something to play.

Deck out your yard with an ice sun catcher made from items found in nature such as berries, leaves, and twigs. Encourage creativity in your children by helping them choose unique items to put inside this ice sculpture.