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6 Ideas to Help Children Dive Into Diversity

Kids are smart. They notice differences. But children are also amazing at accepting those differences. Help yours celebrate diversity with these ideas from Nat Geo Kids.

Got 5 Minutes?

This inspiring video of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr., can spark teaching moments about race in America. Discuss how King fought for people of all races, then ask kids how they can be heroes themselves. Get them started with this fun quiz about heroes and heroines who come from different backgrounds.

Got More Time?
Start a Movie Culture Club featuring kid-friendly films about people of color. Kick off the evening with this short about Native Americans.

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Got 30 Minutes?

Cook up some culture with easy-to-make dishes children may not be familiar with. Yummy international classics such as Mediterranean hummus and West African mafe will introduce kids to new tastes and give them respect for foods—and people—of different cultures.

Got More Time?
Have a favorite spring holiday coming up? Challenge kids to find shared or similar traditions in holidays celebrated around the world, such as crazy-colorful Holi of India or water-soaked Songkran of Thailand.



Turn children into scientists with these fun experiments.



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