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Got 5 Minutes?

Give the family warm fuzzies by watching this music video on cuddly giant panda pals. (Warning: You will never get the song out of your head!) Afterward encourage your children to talk about why they’re grateful for their own friends—and how they show them that they care. Then flip that idea on its head and be thankful that you’re not part of a family of dung beetles, mola fish, or other wacky creatures. This cool article shows kids that the coolest thing you can be is, well, you.

Got More Time?
Now is the perfect season to think about helping others—including endangered animals. Explore these tips for protecting wildlife, then have your children choose one to accomplish.

6 Tips to Evoke an Attitude of Gratitude

An overstuffed refrigerator, a house full of people, and stir-crazy kids—yep, it’s the holidays! It’s easy for a child’s gratitude to get lost somewhere between the three kinds of pie on the table and the eight sleeping bags filled with visiting cousins. Check out ideas from Nat Geo Kids and Nat Geo Family for teaching kids the importance of charity and thankfulness.

Got 15 minutes?

Help your child express appreciation through photography. Get them started with these Nat Geo photo tips, then challenge them to take pictures that show what makes them thankful—cute pets, their favorite food, whatever!

Got More Time?
Crank up their happiness level with photos of "smiling" animals like snowy owls, chimps, and more!

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Got 30 Minutes?

Cooking as a family can teach kids to appreciate spending time with loved ones—as well as the food they’re about to eat. Get them started by making this poached pear dessert together and talking about what foods or family dining traditions they’re grateful for. While you’re waiting for the pears to cook, go through the cupboards to see what you could donate to charity this holiday season.

Got More Time?
Who isn’t thankful for the great outdoors? Bundle everyone up and absorb some outside awesomeness on a family nature hike. It’s a perfect way to get away from the chaos of the holidays and just enjoy one another. You can also try out these outdoor games and crafts to inspire your children even more.