6 weird ideas for your kids

It's a weird world out there. And that’s a good thing! Weirdness can excite kids about the world—and help them understand it. So introduce them to all the world’s wackiness with these ideas from Nat Geo Family.

Read weird stuff

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What's so weird about Earth? Plenty! Share these Weird But True facts about our planet with your kids. (For instance, you’ll be surprised to learn which two cities don’t stay in the same spot.)

Don't miss more wacky facts about mammals, astronomy, and food.

Watch weird stuff

Alarming Wake-up Call One woman loses sleep over this "Weird But True!" noise that lyrebirds make.

Show your kids these short videos to find out which animal can’t jump, which critter is the sleepiest, and more. Are the shorts too, well, short? Check out live-action episodes of the Weird But True! TV show.

Make weird stuff

Who said Kool-Aid and pickles don't go together? Learn how to make your own Koolickles, watermelon drums, and other weird stuff from the book Weird But True! Ripped From the Headlines.