Kids are having pandemic dreams too

Here’s what they might mean—and how parents can deal.

Six-year-old Callie could see dirt on everything. It was all over her classroom, on the floor, on the ceiling, on her crayons, and on her shoes. It was on the other kids’ hands, and it was on her teacher’s hands too. She could see all of this because of her new superpower: extreme vision that showed the world’s every detail. Callie was dreaming, of course.

“She spent the entire [dream] telling people not to touch her,” Willie Greer, a parent and entrepreneur, says of his daughter’s nightmare. “No one wanted to talk to her anymore. Then one of her classmates decided to chase her, and that’s when she woke up.”

Greer’s daughter had this dream in April, when the coronavirus pandemic had much of the world on lockdown. Even though Greer doesn’t have a lot of practice at analyzing dreams, he knew what his daughter’s dream was really about. All the dirt symbolized COVID-19. “She had the dream because of all the news and reminders on TV telling everyone to wash their hands,” Greer says.

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