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How Food Can Be the Ultimate Memory Maker

There was much that I enjoyed (meatballs and cookies) and some that I did not (lutfisk—a gelatinous whitefish soaked in lye—and a kind of potato sausage that smelled like dog food and tasted like the inside of a shoe). Still—it was a memorable introduction to our family’s heritage, and it inspired me to visit my Swedish relatives later in life. (Yes, they tried to serve me lutfisk. No, I did not eat it.)

Now, as a parent, I find myself looking to start new traditions, and food is a terrific place to start. With upcoming school breaks and visiting out-of-towners headed our way, now is the perfect time for families to broaden culinary horizons and bond over traditions, both new and old. Here’s why.

Photograph by Jupiterimages, Getty Images

Tasty Ideas for Bringing the Fam Together With Food

Some of my most delicious holiday memories from childhood are from when our extended family all convened at my Aunt Carol's house for her annual Swedish-themed Christmas Eve dinner.