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Glossary of Cartographic Terms
The University of Texas at Austin has posted a lengthy roster of mapmaking terms and their meanings.

Map Projection Home Page
Compiled by the Geography Department at Hunter College, this site offers details on conic, planar, and cyclindrical projections, extensive links, and a gallery of lighthearted maps.

Map Projection Overview
Professor Peter H. Dana at the University of Texas has created a rich site with many illustrations.

Map Projections (lecture)
Studded with links to illustrations, these notes from a geography course at the University of Toronto draw on the work of cartographer Arthur Robinson.

Map Projections (project)
Plastic bottle, flashlight, paper—that’s all you need to try your hand at your own map projection. The Gulf of Maine Aquarium shows you how.

Map Projections (technical note)
Poseidon Geophysics offers a variety of technical information.

Online Map Creation
Pick a projection, decide what data you’d like to see, and watch the result fill your screen. You can also read about different projections.

Picture Gallery of Map Projections
Ninety projections await you at the site of an Austrian mathematician.
  NGS Resources  
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  Additional Resources

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