One of Florence and Charlie Magovern’s treasures is a block of 18-inch-long eggs from Nanyang, China. It was found in a fossil-rich portion of the Xixia Basin, and the eggs may be the largest of any known animal.

“Baby Louie is probably the only dinosaur discovered at 2 a.m.,” Charlie recounts. “I was working late at night on a large block of eggs that I knew contained at least four dinosaur eggs. I noticed what appeared to be a few bone fragments in the chisel gouges left by the crude excavation by the Chinese field crews. I could not sleep until I confirmed that this was something more than merely wishful thinking on my part.”

“After two more hours of careful cleaning and inspection in this miniature dig site, I uncovered the first bone. I thought it was a tibia or perhaps a femur. I ran into the house to break the news to Flo, who said ‘That's nice.’ Then she rolled over, and went back to sleep.”

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