Model-maker Brian Cooley was commissioned by NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC to create a model of Terry Manning’s egg for the May 1996 article on dinosaur eggs. Using Manning’s careful research notes and photos, Cooley measured the egg’s skeleton and created a framework to support the model's body. He then built an egg to scale, using polyester resin to mold the egg shape into two halves. The framework was placed inside the egg and the embryo was fleshed out.

Rechecking the modeled embryo with experts, Cooley made a few adjustments and was ready to paint. Professor Michael Cavey of the University of Calgary gave him tips on yolk structure and appearance. Cooley found that a home-made clay recipe gave the best results for yolk texture. To finish, the second half of the egg was added and a hole was cut in the top to expose the finished embryo.

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