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Would you like more information about dinosaurs? Check the National Geographic Society publications listed below, or look for other citations in the NGS Publications Index using the keyword “dinosaurs.”

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Selected Other Sources

Be sure to check these other National Geographic Society products for more information about dinosaurs. You can also check the NGS Publications Index yourself: Type “dinosaurs”  as your subject or keyword on a Basic Search or Keyword Search.

WORLD Rinard, Judith E. “Dig the Dino.” April 1996.

Video “Dinosaurs and Other Creature Features.” 1995.

WORLD “We Co-Starred with T-Rex/Stars of Jurassic Park.” August 1993.

WORLD “Dinomania.” January 1993.

WORLD“The Crazy Creaturesaurus.” January 1991.

WORLD“This Museum’s a Dino Den.” January 1991.

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