on the Golf Course
Photo Professional golfer Lee Trevino was waiting out a rain storm during a golf game in Chicago on June 27, 1975. He and another player, Jerry Heard, sat on their golf bags only feet from the edge of a lake.

"The lightning bolt struck the water--just started bouncing off the water--and hit Jerry Heard and I. I started shaking [and] hearing a ringing sound in my ear like a ball peen hammer. Now I'm off the ground, and it's got me all stretched out. At the time I guess it stops your heartbeat, and I'm gasping for air. As I woke up, I was all doubled up, my left arm was under my body, and there were people standing on the green holding towels over me because it was pouring rain, and the ambulance was over by the green."

Trevino was treated for burns and back injuries but was playing golf again in two weeks.