to Other Survivors
Photo "I Felt No Pain"
Harold Deal, Greenwood, South Carolina

"I don't remember hearing any noise, I don't remember any jolt. Next thing I knew the neighbor was over top of me, hollering at me, calling my name, and I was 48 feet from the point that I was standing. Where I was standing was on grass, and the next spring, later on, the grass kept growing, but where my footprints were, it died.

"To this day I have never had any pain whatsoever. I've crushed my heel and no pain, which the doctor couldn't believe. I've got a finger caught in the snowblower, cut it off one Saturday night; they sewed it back on at the hospital and I went back to work the next day. I can be out in sub-zero weather; I cannot wear a long sleeve shirt. I've never wore a jacket since '69; I got a picture showing me out in 26- and 30-degree-below-zero weather just in a T-shirt and bib overalls."

"Lightning Killed My Brother"
John Durocher, Waterford, Michigan

"My twin brother and I went out golfing, okay? Beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky, and we're on the seventh hole. A cloud bank started to come in. My brother was on the fairway, and I'm talking to the guy under the tree, and I remember my brother saying: 'Well, I'm just going to hit,' and I said 'Go ahead' and that's it; that's all I remember. He died before he hit the ground. So my parents get the phone call [that says] your sons have been hit by lightning; however one of them has passed on, but we don't know who's who, so you have to come down and identify them."