Flash and fire and air. Strikes and surge and streamers. Thunder, tornado, current, and cloud. Bolt and channel and electron. These are some of the words you come across as you read about lightning. Ten of these words are hidden in the nine sentences at right. Find each word. Ignore capital letters and punctuation and spaces between words.

Lightning Words

1 Jessica's and Ben's trikes were three-wheelers with handlebar streamers.

2 Colts romp and gambol throughout the spring.

3 "FL" is the correct postal abbreviation for Florida; "Fla." shouldn't be used.

4 Hiking in the woods, Jamie identified spruce, fir, evergreen, and pine.

5 When earthquakes occur, rent a helicopter and escape!

6 Melanie Crump, nicknamed M.C., loudly cheered the team.

7 Meet Hal, the electrician who studied Shakespeare, not electronics.

8 "Opera irritates me," said the jazz singer.

9 On the California coast, Big Sur gets lots of tourists; they're attracted to the vistas.