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Hear author Michael Parfit.
Photographer's Flight Crew
Photograph by Jesús López
WHEN WE ASKED freelancer Michael Parfit to write an overview of Mexico, he took it literally. With his own Cessna 210, his wife, Suzanne, and their golden retrievers, Max and Maple, Parfit overflew the entire nation for his research.
    “I focused on what people were doing on the land,” he said, “and I really got a sense that this country is built on top of mountains; it is a tumultuous country. And in seeing that, I could tell how communities could become isolated, because people couldn’t easily get from one place to the other—and they still can’t.”
    To locate position, Parfit depended mostly on his hand-held global-positioning satellite navigation system: “I would fly out of Mexico City, and about 40 miles out the controller would say ‘Adiós,’ and I wouldn’t talk to anybody else for 300 miles.”
    Join Parfit and his entourage on their flight across Mexico, to any of four destinations. Click on a location above and hang on.

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