Contributors:Elliot K. Fishman,
Johns Hopkins University
Producer:Colleen Stout
David Heath,
Johns Hopkins University
Creative Director:Lisa Lopuck
Keith McKenney,
The Institute for Genomic Research
Designer:Valerie Casey
Producer:Yancey HallExecutive Producer:Sheryl Hampton
Assistant Producers:Jennifer Kirkpatrick
Paula Willard
Programmer:Landon Bouma
Artist:Chuck Carter
Researcher:Jennifer Kirkpatrick
Programmer:Jelili Salako
Photo Credits:Ice Maiden and tomb artifacts photographs by Stephen Alvarez, NGS
CT scans by Elliot K. Fishman, Johns Hopkins Hospital
Biopsy photograph by Maria Stenzel, NGS
Electron mitochondria micrograph from A Textbook of Histology by Don W. Fawcett, M.D.
Special Thanks:Mark Christmas
Michael Lentz
Alan Mazzan
Catherine Reeves
Johan Reinhard
Cornelia Tucker
Juan Valdez
Stanley Wu, Bell Sygma
Daniel Jones, Bell Sygma
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