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National Geographic Books

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Research & Exploration
Clark, Eugenie and Pohle, John F. “Monogamy in the Tilefish, Malacanthus latovittatus, Compared with Polygyny in Related Species.” Pages 276-295, Summer 1992.

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National Geographic Videos
“The Underwater Image.” 1996.
“The Photographers.” 1995.
“Hunt for the Great White Shark.” 1994.
“Ocean Drifters.” 1993.
“Shark Encounters.” 1992.
“The Explorers: A Century of Discovery.” 1988.
“Secrets of the Titanic.” 1987.
“The Sharks.” 1982.
“Great Whales.” 1978.

WORLD magazine
“Meet . . . Bob Ballard, Undersea Explorer.” Pages 10-13, December 1993.

Other Sources
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