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Creature Feature: Great White Sharks
Chomp! The great white shark is the world’s largest meat-eating fish. Get photos, video, e-mail postcard, and more.

National Geographic Kids Magazine: Ten Cool Things About Great White Sharks
Learn some mind-boggling facts about great white sharks.

National Geographic Coloring Book: Great White Sharks
Download or print a black-and-white image of a great white shark.

The Jason Project
This site features a first-person account from student William La Cruz, who participated in the April 1996 Jason Project expedition. Read about his experience with shark tagging and tracking.

Animal Bytes
Read fun shark facts from Sea World’s Education Department.

The Richard Ellis Gallery of Sharks
Read information about five species of sharks. Includes photographs and line drawings.

Shark Myths
Read all about them at the Mote Marine Laboratory Center for Shark Research.

Pelagic Shark Research Foundation
The Biology of Sharks covers internal and external shark anatomy and evolution. This site also includes an Image Library.

Sharks of Hawai'i
Photographs and information provided by the Hawaiian Lifeguard Association.

National Geographic Resources on Sharks

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WORLD magazine
“Sharks: Getting to Know Them.”
     Pages 24-29, July 1986.
     Pages 14-19, February 1994.
“Super Jaws! Make Way for a Prehistoric Monster Shark.”
     Pages 24-28, January 1996.
“Sharks Are Our Business.”
     Pages 18-21, August 1992.
“Close Encounters with Sharks!”
     Pages 22-27, September 1990.

Clark, Dr. Eugenie. “Whale Sharks: Gentle Monsters of the Deep.”
     Pages 123-139, December 1992.
Clark, Dr. Eugenie and Emory Kristof. “Sharks at 2,000 Feet.”
     Pages 681-691, November 1986.
Clark, Dr. Eugenie. “Sharks: Magnificent and Misunderstood.”
     Pages 138-187, August 1981.
Taylor, Valerie. “A Jawbreaker for Sharks.”
     Pages 664-665, May 1981.
Clark, Dr. Eugenie. “Into the Lairs of Sleeping Sharks.”
     Pages 570-584, April 1975.

Suggested Reading
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Books for Young Readers

Barrett, Norman. Picture Library: Sharks.
     Franklin Watts, 1989.
Cole, Joanna. Hungry, Hungry Sharks.
     Random House, 1986.
Prevost, John. Great White Sharks.
     ABDO & Daughters, 1996.
Simon, Seymour. Sharks.
     Harper Collins Publishers, 1995.
Walker, Jane. Fascinating Facts About Sharks.
     The Millbrook Press, 1993.

Books for Older Readers

Batten, Mary. Shark Attack Almanac.
     KidBacks. Random House, 1997
Cerullo, Mary. Sharks: Challengers of the Deep.
     Cobblehill Books, Dutton, 1993.
Ellis, Richard and John E. McCosker. Great White Shark.
      Harper Collins, 1991.
Cousteau, Jacques-Yves and Philippe Cousteau. The Shark: Splendid Savage of the Sea.
      Doubleday & Company, Inc., 1970.
Cousteau, Jean-Michel and Mose Richards. Great White Shark.
      Harry N. Abrams, 1992.
Hall, Howard. Sharks: The Perfect Predators.
      Silver Burdett Press (at Simon & Schuster Co.), 1995.
MacQuitty, Miranda. Eyewitness Books: Sharks.
     Dorling Kindersley (Alfred F. Knopf), 1992.
Markle, Sandra. Outside and Inside Sharks.
     Atheneum Books for Young Readers (Simon & Schuster), 1996.
Sattler, Helen. Sharks, the Super Fish.
      Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books, 1986.
Stevens, John D., ed. Sharks.
      Facts on File Publications, 1987.
Walker, Niki and Kalman, Bobbie. Sharks.
     Crabtree Publishing Group, 1997.
Wheeler, Alwyne. Sharks.
      Gloucester Press, 1987.