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Glimpse the “golden age” of piracy through the eyes of those who shared the sea with the saltiest dogs.

A Guide to Maritime History Information on the Internet
A reference librarian at East Carolina University compiled this list of substantive resources.

Institute of Maritime History
Explore an archive dedicated to the preservation and documentation of maritime history.

This informative site is run by and for “ethical commercial archaeologists” and includes links to more treasure-related sites.

The Mary Rose
This site focuses mainly on the Mary Rose, a 16th-century English warship and has links to other maritime history sites.

Scuba Diving for Treasure
This scuba enthusiast’s home page offers links to treasure diving forums, pirate-related sites, and more.

Treasure Quest
Find featured articles from the pages of Treasure Quest magazine.

Western & Eastern Treasures Magazine
The online version of the “world’s leading how-to magazine for metal detectorists” provides stories of fantastic  Finds and tips on treasure hunting.

Wrecks and Obstructions
Locate shipwrecks and other underwater obstructions with the help of the United States National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).


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