July 20, 2000
West Coast Wrap Up
“...we are moving in the direction we love—‘Onward and downward!’ ”
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July 19, 2000
Swimming Crinoids
“Wait until you see the video I have of crinoids—dancing!”
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July 16, 2000
Deep, Deeper, Deepest!
“Too soon, I must leave and begin my ascent to sunlight and air....”
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July 13, 2000
Return to Channel Islands
“[It’s] time to explore and document an intriguing place near Anacapa Island....”
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June 25, 2000
Port Hueneme
“The NOAA ship McArthur steamed back to Port Hueneme....”
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June 24, 2000
Santa Barbara
“Youngsters clamber in and out of the make-believe sub....”
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June 23, 2000
Guy Takes a Dive
“Guy Cochrane is a happy geologist, now underwater....”
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June 22, 2000
“It is a morning to inspire poetry...”
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June 21, 2000, p.m.
Deep Dives
“It’s over the side and into deep water....”
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June 21, 2000, a.m.
Channel Islands First Dives
“We are at sea and have just completed two successful dives.”
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June 15, 2000
Geared Up and Ready to Go
“Months of planning have come to this....”
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