September 15-17, 2000
Stormy Seas and Fond Farewells
“I look back at our accomplishments during the 2000 field season, and I am amazed.”
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 September 12-14, 2000
Reefs and Wrecks
“It is densely covered with hard corals and richly populated with the diverse fish, invertebrates, and algae that make up a shallow coral reef system.”
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 September 8-11, 2000
One Fish, Two Fish
“....Laura quickly found the ridge, encountering another discarded fish trap and a lobster trap along the way.”
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 September 4-7, 2000
Curious George’s Gorgeous Gorge
“....crabs standing behind, or even on the backs of, these amazing armored diggers....”
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 September 1-4, 2000
Scaling Submerged Mountains
“....we quite literally sailed off into the sunset....”
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