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Getting the Shot
Missing the Shot
Off Camera

Follow the National Geographic team deep into the caves of Nicaragua, home to thousands of vampire bats.
Missing the Shot


Kevin: There was one shot we would have loved to have gotten. We were leaving a huge bat cave when one of the scientists came up and said, “Hey, down at the mouth of the cave a snake is actually eating a bat.”

I went down there and didn’t tell the rest of the crew. I thought, By now the snake’s probably just finished the bat off.

Sure enough there was this incredibly beautiful cat-eyed snake hanging in a rock crevice, coiled around a Davis’s naked-backed bat, squeezing the life out of it. You could see the little bat’s face kind of squealing as the snake tried to get its mouth around the bat’s head.

I quickly radioed to Rakhi to come down, and we got a couple of still photographs and some video (RealPlayer), but I definitely would’ve liked to have gotten the full video sequence.

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  Snake Snacking 
  on Bat   

Photo of a snake eating a bat

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