About Us

We’re the new guard of explorers, creators, and the most curious fan communities built around an iconic brand that has been at the center of science and exploration for over a century. We believe in the power of storytelling to change the world, and we have the reach and drive to make it happen.

This year, as one of the largest and most trusted global media brands, we’re partnering with a new class of influencers to create original stories around travel, culture, science, innovation, and wildlife. These are stories told from the human angle and about motivation, survival, discovery, wonder, and mind-blowing courage and bravery. We’ll inspire curiosity in all, and create a powerful new marketing solution that uses audience and emotional insights to ensure our partners reach their audiences.

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Our Explorers and Photographers

  • Cory Richards
  • Bertie Gregory
  • Erika Bergman
  • Aaron Huey
  • Ami Vitale
  • Filipe DeAndrade
  • David Guttenfelder

Our Communities

  • The National Geographic digital audience
  • Photographer fan network
  • Your Shot photographer community
  • National Geographic’s travel and adventure fan base

Our Like-Minded Publisher Partners

  • theSkimm
  • Mashable
  • Atlas Obscura

Our Marketing and Targeting Tools

  • Fox Advanced Ad Products and true[X]
  • Unruly
  • Storyful
  • MikMak