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Habitats: Home Sweet Home

Habitats: Home Sweet Home

Photo: Moutains with stream and field

About Habitats

Beginning just beyond the window, and extending past the boundaries of your town or city across the Earth's surface, an amazing variety of habitats awaits—along with the plants and animals that live in them. Geography Action! invites you to explore the habitats you live in or ones nearby.

Habitats Lesson Plans

Photo: City lights

Find lesson plans for your classroom on all the habitats: cities and suburbs; deserts and tundra; forests; fresh water; oceans and coasts; and prairies.

Cities and Suburbs

Who lives in cities and suburbs? People, of course! But that's not the only answer. Although urban areas are built by and for humans, wildlife also has to share the same spaces.

Deserts and Tundra

Not all habitats are friendly. Earth is home to several "extreme" environments where mere survival is a constant struggle. Two such habitats are deserts and tundra, where extremes of temperature and rainfall are the norm.


There are many types of forest habitats. Forests are home to lots of wildlife, as well as plants that people use for food and medicine. Trees produce large amounts of oxygen that we all need to breathe.

Fresh Water

Water is not only refreshing—it's essential. For people and wildlife alike, fresh water means life—but supplies are limited.

Oceans and Coasts

Oceans cover almost 75 percent of the world's surface and create Earth’s blue appearance when seen from outer space. While not Earth’s only source of water, oceans contain 97 percent of all the water on the planet.


Every continent except Antarctica has grasslands, which are called by many names—savannas, pampas, plains, and steppes. Grasslands are usually located in the interior of continents. North America's grasslands are called "prairie."

Habitats Maps

Map: World

Learn more about habitats around the world with these illustrative maps.

Learn about population densities of cities around the world.

Habitats Activities

Photo: A bird

Explore neighborhoods, take a virtual dive to a barrier reef, and show your ecosystem savvy with a habitats quiz.

Other Resources

Photo: Birds in tree

There is a lot to explore in each of Earth’s habitats. Get to know the native species, geographic location, and other intriguing facts about each environment.

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