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Family Activities: Fifth-Eighth Grade
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Saving a Species: A Family Affair


Growing human populations, land development, and habitat destruction are taking their toll on many of North America’s plant and animal species. Projects like the one in Yellowstone National Park and other areas may help us to save native species from local or total extinction.

What about your community? What animal or plant species are threatened or endangered? Contact organizations such as the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Audubon Society to find out what species in your area are dwindling. Then take a family trip to an area in or near your community where these creatures live. Do some detective work in the field and the library or on the Internet to determine environmental factors that have affected the threatened animal or plant species.

If your family is feeling ambitious, you could design a plan of action to help protect or restore the threatened or endangered species that you’ve studied. Share your ideas with local government agencies, land stewards, and news media in your community.

Dany Marie Ray of Washington Middle School in Cairo, Georgia, contributed family activities for this Geoguide.

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