National Geographic Roper - 2002 Global Geographic Literacy Survey

  Quick, what two countries have had a longstanding conflict over the region of Kashmir? Thirty-six percent of the young Americans who answered that question in National Geographic’s recent geography survey got it right. How would you do?

National Geographic commissioned the Roper survey to test the geographic knowledge of 18- to 24-year-olds in Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Sweden, Great Britain, and the United States.

So who is fighting over Kashmir? To find out, and to see how you stack up against young Americans ...

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  Why Does Geography Matter?  
  “Conflict Plagues the Middle East.” The New York Times, April 2002
“Rising Flood Waters Drench Central China.” The New York Times,August 2002
“Northern Ireland Peace Accord Is in Danger.” The New York Times, October 2002
“Japan Looks to Russia for Oil.” The New York Times,October 2002

Geography is the daily news that determines our future.

Now more than ever, geographic literacy is necessary for us to understand global events and cultures.

Make geography a part of your life. As a family watch the news with a globe or atlas handy. Check out these related links for activities and games that make geography fun. Talk to your children’s teachers and your state politicians about the importance of geography. Get the word out: Geography matters.

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